New version of Netstation gives even more possibilities

New version of Netstation gives even more possibilities

We are very proud to inform you that from now on you will find in our Download section a new version of Netstation that will coexist with the one currently available. This version is marked as and introduce many new features that our clients asked for last few months. The only downside of this software is fact, that it's not 100% backward compatible with older software versions. Before the update we strongly advise to make a copy of application settings in Configuration export tool.


List of new features available in software version


- support for Advantech ADAM I/O modules, including USB, LAN and PCI Express cards, very flexible and stable option for integration of inputs and outputs within Netstation software;

- built in advanced video analytics implemented directly into Netstation software. We are using well known and most advanced analytics from VCATechnology;

- added external LPR engine support from NumberOK, which is one of the best in the industry, with support for whole European Union and many other countries from all over the world;

- ability to display up to 4 POS data streams on single camera;

- linking POS events with LPR, for example specific POS event may start the license plate recognition;

- many new cameras integrated by SDK from Ganz (PixelPro and Genstar series), Dahua and X-Vision;

- ability to monitor working hours based on motion detection events recorded by the camera;

- support for two-way audio communication using CMS4


Full changelog for this application is available in Release notes in Download section.